The ultimate behind the scenes tour

A whole new experience for Ali fans

LockerRoom is a virtual reality experience that enables fans to become Muhammad Ali moments before the biggest fight of his life.

We invite you to the Locker Room of the Stade du 20 Mai to re-live the Rumble in the Jungle pre-fight memories through the creation of an imagined environment, archive imagery, audio and interactive boxing drills.

Through this VR experience, you enter the most sacred space in all of sports, the Locker Room, as you and your cornerman run drills and remember the journey that brought Ali to this pivotal moment.

Immerse yourself in authentic archive material and interact with digital twins of original memorabilia, including the infamous ‘split glove’ worn by Ali versus UK heavyweight champion Henry Cooper in 1963.

LockerRoom will be available for free use in libraries across the country.