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The Experience

The greatest time-travelling, immersively creative, theatrical experience of alllll times!

What is Rematch?

Think of a brilliant sporting event from the past…

Now imagine being able to buy a ticket that would magically transport and immerse you, slap-bang Back There. In the middle of the action at that event. Sights, sounds, feels, smells, tastes, vibes. Wouldn’t that be something?

It certainly is. And we call it REMATCH.

Part theatre show, part festival. Rematch re-imagines history’s greatest sporting moments as incredible immersive events.

Bringing life to the music, culture, fashion and downright fun that surrounded these seminal events. Rematch is a time-machine that takes you back to where It Happened. So you can witness it happening all over again. First hand. Just for you.

Original Rumble in the Jungle 1974 poster

The Journey: Kinshasa, Zaire 1974

We’re taking you back. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay back. To 1974. To a place called Zaire. On the banks of the Congo River. Local weather is stiflingly humid. Local currency is the Zaire. Local landscape is dominated by giant handmade billboards, in vivid yellow and green: Some featuring Ali and Foreman, in distinctive fighter’s pose, others the ever-present bespectacled face of President Mobutu. Undisputed Leader of the nation, seventh richest man in the world and unlikely benefactor of The Rumble in the Jungle.

The street food is Congolese. The streets are full of music, and excitable, ever-dancing children. While elders warn of a mighty storm approaching…

Children posing in front of the Foreman-Ali poster

The Fight: Rumble in the Jungle

George Foreman v Muhammad Ali for the Heavyweight Championship of the World.

In 1974, Challenger Ali is considered to be past his glorious best. Few boxing experts back him against fearsome Foreman, the odds-on favourite and hard-punching Champion with 37 devastating knockouts in his unbeaten 40 fight career. Some say Foreman is unbeatable. Ali says he has a Plan. Will Foreman topple The Greatest? Or has Ali got him Rumbled..?

Referee breaks up Foreman and Ali in the ring
Boxing ring view from above

The Afterparty: Zaire 1974

Ali and Foreman weren’t the only ones travelling to Africa to Rumble. With the eyes (and ears) of the world on Zaire, a certain DON KING staged a musical festival like no other, to keep the fight hype high. Godfather of Soul, JAMES BROWN brought the funk to town, to be joined by BB KING, THE SPINNERS and soul legend, BILL WITHERS. They were joined by the likes of TABU LEY ROCHEREAU, ABETI MASIKINI, FRANCO & T.P.O.K. JAZZ, TABU LEY  and the mighty MIRIAM MAKEBA who provided the authentic voice of Africa.

The Greatest Heavyweight clash deserved the Greatest Soul Festival of Allllllllll Times too.

Good God!

Previous Experience: Wimbledon 1980

Rematch’s award-winning debut experience re-imagined the fire & ice clash between Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe in the Men’s Singles Final at Wimbledon 1980. Using archive film, live actors and groundbreaking audio-visual tech, Wimbledon 1980 was a first of its kind event and delighted critics and audiences alike.