Live in London: Dock X Canada Water
Opens September 14th – limited run


Grab your tickets to Kinshasa!

Part theatre show, part festival. Rematch re-imagines history’s greatest sporting moments as incredible immersive events.Bringing life to the music, culture, fashion and downright fun that surrounded these seminal events. Rematch is a time-machine that takes you back to where It Happened. So you can witness it happening all over again. First hand. Just for you.

We’re taking you back. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay back. To 1974. To a place called Zaire. To the greatest sporting event of the 20th century. To the Rumble in the Jungle. George Foreman v Muhammad Ali for the Heavyweight Championship of the World. To Zaire 74. A forgotten music festival with a line up like no other before or since.

Please Note:
– Matinee performances are on Saturday and Sunday. For Matinee tickets please select 1:45pm, 2:00pm or 2:15pm entry times.

– For Ringside VIP & VIP tickets please select 7:00pm entry times for evening performances and 2:00pm for Matinees (Saturday & Sunday only)

– Late-comers will be permitted at the discretion of the venue staff but will miss out on portions of the show.

– For essential companion tickets, please contact and be prepared to provide proof of requirement.

– Under 16s must be accompanied by a full price ticket paying adult.